Frequently Asked Questions:


General FAQs:

How do I sign up for a BioRender account?
Simply go to our sign-up page and follow the instructions to create an account (be sure to verify your email!).

How do I change my password?
On the sign in page, click the ‘Forgot password’ link to reset your password.

What devices are supported for using BioRender?
BioRender is a web-based application, which means you can login to your account from any computer. It is currently not optimized for mobile devices (ie phones, tablets). 

What kind of browser should I use BioRender on?
We highly recommend using Google Chrome browser for optimal experience.


What are the different pricing options? 
Professional pricing is $79/month.
Academic pricing is $39/month when you sign up with a valid .edu email address (proof of institutional affiliation may be requested). 

How do I get a free trial for BioRender?
New users are automatically enrolled into a 14-day free trial, after which you must select an academic or professional payment plan.

I have a larger team (10+ people) - how do I request an enterprise plan?
Please contact us at and we would be happy to discuss pricing options for larger teams. 

I have a friend who would love to use BioRender - can I get a referral bonus?
Of course! Sharing is caring. Please send us their email to and we’ll credit you for 1 free month of BioRender after they sign up.

Licensing and usage:

How do I cite BioRender in a publication? Is this necessary?
We ask that any images published in print or on the web be cited with the credit ‘Created with BioRender’. Users who have purchased the academic or professional licence must accompany all published images with this citation. Enterprise clients must follow the licensing and citation as agreed upon in the contract.

Where am I allowed to publish my BioRender illustrations?
Under the academic license, we allow publishing of illustrations for educational purposes (ie lab meetings, conference talks, lectures, presentations, academic websites, lab websites, journals). 
Under the professional license, we allow these same criteria as well as publishing on company websites and promotional material. 


How secure is my data?
We take privacy very seriously. All of your data is tightly secured, which means your illustrations and personal info are safe with us. 

Who can see my projects?
All of your illustrations are private. We suggest you keep your personal login and password private, and not to share with friends/colleagues. You are able to securely share illustrations using our ‘Share’ function within the application, however!