BioRender "How-to" Support Page

Browse through our step-by-step guide below to help you with all of the BioRender features!
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How do I...

  • Create a new illustration from scratch
  • Create an illustration using templates
  • Upload my own icons/images
  • Change the color of an icon
  • Save to My Library
  • Request an icon/asset
  • Recover a previous version of my illustration
  • Create a copy of my illustration 
  • Export (download) my illustration 
  • Share my illustration with a friend/colleague

Upload my own images/icons

To upload your own images / icons to your library:

  1. Select ‘Upload’ in the left-hand categories panel


2. Click the ‘Upload files’ button, select your file and click 'Open'
(note: acceptable file format include jpg, png, and svg


3. Create a ‘title’ and relevant ‘tags’ for your icon (this will it easier for you to search for it later)
4. Click ‘Upload’ to add it to your Uploads library


5. Click and drag onto the canvas!