Visual Science Communication Workshop @ NIH

5 Easy Tips for Better Science Figures!

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Date: Friday Dec 7th 2018, 11am-12pm

Location: 10 CRC / 3W-3750 - lunch and refreshments will be served!

Company Name: BioRender

Presenter: Shiz Aoki, Co-founder & CEO, BioRender (previously Lead Science Illustrator, National Geographic Magazine)

Level: All levels welcome!


You’ve probably spent countless hours trying to create biological diagrams using Powerpoint, Illustrator or even pen and paper. Scientists in academia, industry, government and publishing will inevitably require clear communication of ideas in order to advance their research and careers.

Shiz will share 5 easy, actionable tips on how to improve your science figures, distilled from 10+ years of experience as a leader in the field of medical illustration. Examples include emerging trends in design practices, simple-to-use tools, and common mistakes in presentations, posters, and journal figures. Attendees of this workshop will walk away with practical advice on how to quickly and visually communicate concepts to capture any audience.

About BioRender:

BioRender is an innovative web tool that lets you create professional science figures in minutes. It’s 50x faster and significantly more effective than using PowerPoint or Illustrator and drastically improves communication within and across teams. Organize and store all of your team’s work so you’ll never misplace images as teammates change! BioRender is used by institutions like Harvard, NIH, Genentech, Cell Press and more.

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